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Thursday, April 22nd is Earth Day. The weather is looking to be sunny and 65 degrees in New York City. Sounds like a perfect day to ride your bike (or walk, run or whatever you like to do outside). Since you’re already going to be out there, why not log the trip, help me with my thesis, and have your data made into some visualizations I’m preparing for the project?

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Professors Chances and Friedrich were not the only ones to help me with my thesis, however. As I reviewed my footage, I realized just how much the people I had spoken to in Ukraine had given me. Family friends and market vendors alike had opened up to me and shared not only their political opinions, but their personal stories, their desires, and their hopes. The thesis, I realized, does not have to be something that makes you cloister yourself away in the library for several months of your senior year. It can become the opportunity to learn a different, more engaged way of being in the world.

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