Examples of Persuasive Thesis Statement for an Aids Research Paper

This alternative, more consistent paradigm is rapidly gaining scientific ground internationally amongst progressive free-thinking scientists, with two core groups forming, the Berkeley Group, led by Professor Peter Duesberg, and the Perth Group, led by Professor Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos. Some key papers arguing against HIV-AIDS are: (. Medical politics however, biased towards the germ theory (rather than the milieu in which they are predisposed to proliferate), mitigates strongly against the fair publication of alternative scientific arguments to the HIV thesis, despite their high merits.

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Many people are afraid of getting tested for a variety of reasons like the stigma associated with HIV and the fear to be seen in a clinic. Many also feel like they not even at risk because they have been in a monogamous relationship or practice safe sex.

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Kremer's book points out the absurdity of the HIV thesis and supports his skepticism scientifically