Honors Thesis Proposal - Nova Southeastern University

A student writing an Honors Thesis will need to complete an Honors Thesis Proposal. The Thesis Proposal must be submitted to the Chair of the Honors Program Committee by the middle of of the semester PRIOR TO the semester in which the student will actually complete the Thesis (see below for more details). The Honors Program Committee will review the proposal to confirm that the project meets the standards for Honors Program work.

Guidelines for Preparing an Honors Thesis Research Proposal and Fellowship Application

The Honors Thesis Proposal should be signed by the student, the faculty mentor, and the Honors Director signifying that an agreement concerning the nature of the project (and a timetable) has been reached that is acceptable to all 3 parties. This document should be electronically submitted to the Honors Director.

Honors Thesis Proposal Form - University Honors Program

CALS Honors Thesis Proposal Guidelines

You must enroll in a one credit course to work on your Honors Thesis proposal during the spring semester of your junior year (course number: PSC 32-951 INDEPENDENT STUDY).