Connect your hook and your thesis statement.

Today we looked at strategies for creating an effective and identifying the hook and thesis within an introduction. Tomorrow we will take this knowledge and create our introductions to our essays.

Need Help With A Hook And Thesis Statement

Provide some summary: Your audience does need to have some background to the literary piece that you are critiquing, so you will need to summarize the story at some point in the essay. Details about the story will be revealed in the body paragraphs, so many people will work their summaries into the introduction as a way to connect the hook and thesis together. This tends to work, especially if the summary is only a few sentences in length.

Hook and Thesis statement of an Argumentative Essay by liwenting

and thesis question the hook and the thesis statement

When you think about it, your hook and thesis only consist of a few sentences. However, most instructors expect an introductory paragraph to be more than two or three sentences. Students are often left wondering what else to include. Often times, you may include some pertinent background information on the subject. The background information may explain how your subject has changed over time or how perceptions of your subject have changed. Alternatively, you may wish to indicate why the subject is relevant to your audience.

By tackling controversy or topics that an audience is curious about it can lead them to not only begin the reading but finish it with the intent to agree or disagree with your point. As you write the hook and thesis statement use appeal to increase the likelihood of a thorough reading. The basis of your paper depends on the reader's first impression which can only be reflected within the intro. Make it informative, attention-grabbing and direct so that the theme of the paper is both apparent and embracive toward those who may or may not agree with the position of your writing. When you write the introduction, you begin with a hook. There are several different types of hooks, but they all have the goal of getting the reader’s attention. The hook can be one sentence or several. The last sentence of the introduction is the thesis or claim, which is the guiding statement for the entire essay. In between the hook and thesis are a few sentences that help explain how the hook connects to the thesis.