Sample Introduction with Thesis Statement.

The typical college essay has a definite format. This isn't meant to hamper your own creativity, but instead to provide it with a familiar structure. Although there are variations among the different types of essays, there is a basic, common format that you will most likely see in any beginning writing class. The most common structure of an essay consists of the following elements: introduction with thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Introduction Paragraph with Thesis Statement

Introduction with thesis statement and, possibly, evidence preview: This paragraph is where you state your position, typically identifying the passage that makes the stronger case and briefly stating why. The paragraph may also include a preview of the evidence or other introductory material to let the reader know what’s coming next.

Introduction with thesis statement Architectural thesis proposal

c) Develop the paper in stages: proposal, draft of introduction with thesis statement, outline of paper, and multiple drafts

Some young students are taught to begin an introduction with a thesis statement, followed by separate sentences that indicate the topics for the body paragraphs of the essay. Avoid this approach. It helps young writers organize an essay and stay focused, but it is rhetorically weak. Copyright , 2014.