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Now, start looking for resource materials. You can use any materials that are available to you. From books to research articles, published materials to internet websites. All of these mediums of info are useful in your thesis paper writing. Of course, the next process is to write the different parts of the knowledge management thesis. You should include the introduction, methods, literature and data. Do not forget to write an informative discussion part and the conclusion. Cite all your reference materials and proofread your work.

Knowledge Management Phd Thesis Proposal

Bergeron (2003, p 6) defines knowledge management as the capability to selectively archive, capture and access the best practices of work related decision making and knowledge from managers and employees for both group and individual behaviors. Knowledge management is used by vendors who delivers products that have very small to do with the ideal and more to do with relabeling products initially directed to other markets. There is also confusion based on the use of knowledge in research of artificial intelligence much of which does not apply to knowledge management. From a practical business perspective knowledge management is a systematic and deliberate business optimization strategy that chooses, stores, packages, distills, communicates and organizes essential information to the company’s business in a manner that develops corporate competitiveness and employee performance. From this definition it is clear that knowledge management is fundamentally about a systematic approach to handle other information and intellectual assets in a way that offers the company with a competitive benefit. Knowledge management is a business optimization strategy and not limited to a specific source or technology of information. Knowledge management is agnostic when it comes to the source and type of information which can range from the mathematical description of the inner workings of a machine to a document that explains the process used by a representative of customer support to escalate customer complaints within the business organization.

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