Below you'll find information to help you with your thesis research and documentation. It is strongly recommended that you consult with reference librarians along the way, either with the librarian on duty or by appointment with the librarian in your subject area. See the for a brief overview

uniprint in old aberdeen from the medical library via the library van

If applicable, the student’s principal supervisor sends a request to Registry for a thesis to be embargoed using the (see Part B). The Chair of the Committee for Postgraduate Research Degrees agrees or denies the embargo request, and Registry notifies the Library and the supervisor. The supervisor or the student will also send notification of the approved embargo to the Library when submitting the electronic thesis.

Manuscript Library on the campus, sits in the basement library stacks

Library Thesis Clerk

After the research degree is awarded, the student or their principal supervisor must send the Library their full text thesis and other required items following the process outlined below: