A List of Thesis Topics for Business

A list of thesis topics and supervisors will become available by the end of November. In January, an information session will be held. After this session, students can indicate their preferences for a certain thesis topic and supervisor. Students will receive a notification about the allocation of thesis topics and supervisors by mid-February. After an intake meeting with a potential supervisor, you have to fill out and sign a registration form and thesis contract at the secretariat of the Department of Applied Economics (Tinbergen Building, office H12-02). The thesis contract specifies the rights and obligations of both the student and the supervisor.

Following are a list of thesis topics on psychology which can be considered at a Masters level.

There will be no seminar presentation of thesis topics by the faculty for new graduate students entering during the Spring Semester or Summer. Instead, the students will be provided with a list of thesis topics from which they are to choose and they must meet with the faculty members concerned on an individual basis. The listing will be available from the Chair of the Graduate Program Committee who will also advise the student of other details of thesis topic selection procedure in his/her particular case.

list of thesis topics in management - MBA LECTURES

Below are presented a list of thesis topics you can choose from for writing your paper:

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