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International Legal Studies Students should review their program requirements for further information about writing an LLM thesis within their program.

SJD advisor submits LLM thesis progress report form and gives feedback to LLM student.

The focus of your master's program, your LLM thesis, should be 80-120 pages long (excluding abstract, notes, bibliography, and appendices). It is prepared with the advice and direction of your supervisory committee. Your thesis is sent to an academic outside of the university for final examination and should reflect the highest level of scholarly ability.

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For example, the timetable for a research LLM thesis comparing French law and Scots law might be:

Statements confirming the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Philosophy by Thesis, and LLM by Thesis can be obtained from Sean Semple in the Examinations Office after the candidate's award has been ratified by the Senate.

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