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How can I make my thesis available for consultation on LUISSThesis?
Upon thesis delivery, LUISS Guido Carli students can complete an authorization form for digital consultation through LUISSThesis, the Institutional Repository.

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2. What happens if I don’t make my thesis deposit? Will I automatically be added to the next degree list? As long as you are within your time-to-degree, there is no problem with having to move to the next degree certification period. You do not, however, get automatically put on any degree list, ever. You must go through the process outlined in #1 to re-add your name to the list for the next degree certification period.

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Editing and proofreading of thesis papers is another service that we offer students. Many students want to do the actual research and writing on their own. They are not so sure about finalizing the writing, which is why they ask us to put the finishing touches on it for them. We will in an expert fashion because the writer assigned to you will be able to substitute better word choices to get your message across. The writer will also ensure that your spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct. All students who ask us to “make my thesis” perfect are ecstatic about the result.

My trip to Montana was, by far, the most valuable thing I could have ever done to make my thesis into what it became. Not only did I find uncountable sources at the battlefield, but I also found a true path to my completed project, priceless knowledge about my subject, and a few new friendships that I will treasure far into the future. When Dad and I headed back home after five days, I knew I was ready to start writing.