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My lecture today will question the nature of a thesis project for an undergraduate architectural education. The topic of my lecture – the nature of a thesis – is probably of concern to many of you, either presently engaged in thesis preparations or those of you who will be thinking about your topics in the next few years. I will first question the nature of what a thesis may be and then propose one approach to making a thesis. The third part of the lecture will offer two examples.

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By doing these things you can increase your chances of making a thesis successfully.

The responses I have received in relation to this issue support the idea that making a thesis available online is generally acceptable to academic publishers, as long as the proposed monograph is substantially different to the submitted PhD thesis. Nonetheless, concerns are still evident amongst authors and researchers and it is recommended that potential publishers are contacted in advance of proposing a monograph to find out how they view this because opinions may vary depending on discipline and research topic. A more specialised research topic for example with a smaller market and audience may be seen as more problematic for some publishers if the material is already accessible online. It is possible to embargo the publication of your thesis in university depositories if this is considered an issue and you plan to propose a monograph but it is increasingly important to make this decision before the thesis is submitted, and made available electronically.