Marxist Thesis Statement For Lord Of The Flies

This 6 page paper looks at communism as it was intended by Marx and the reality as it exists in China today. While unusual, this paper is written in first person as requested by a student. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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Radical ideas in Hayek, his attacks against economic interventionism will not be understood unless you go back to the historical context of the post-war times: the drafting of a new version of liberalism belongs to a total criticism of triumphing Keynesianism. Hayek, inspired on the economic thinking of Mises, rejects both the collectivism acknowledged by State Marxism and the economic intervention in capitalist societies. By going back to Mises’ ideas he criticizes the possibility of planning the economy given the fact that its complexity is opposed to any rational estimate.

Cohen, Marx and the Primacy Thesis - JSTOR

I responded: “Excuse me, sister, but that is a pronounced Marxist thesis, and you say that you are not a Marxist?”

Marxists concluded that capitalist society is divided into two social classes: the working class or proletariat: Marx defined this class as "those individuals who sell their labor and do not own the means of production" whom he held were liable for creating the wealth of a society; buildings, bridges etc are physically built by members of this class. The proletariat may be subsequently subdivided into the common proletariat and the lumped proletariat, those who are radically poor and cannot find legal work on a routine basis. These may be prostitutes, beggars, or homeless people and the bourgeoisie: those who "own the means of production” and employ the proletariat. The bourgeoisie may be subsequently subdivided into the very rich bourgeoisie and the trivial bourgeoisie: those who employ labor, but also work themselves. These may be small proprietors, land-holding peasants, or trade workers. Marx refined these ideas to brace his advocacy of socialism and communism: