Journalism & Mass Communication Theses and Dissertations

1. The Role Of Public Relations In Enhancing Customers’ Sati Station (A Case Study Of Nigerian Airways Enugu )
2. The Impact Of News Commentaries On Radio Listeners (A Case Study Of Federal Radio Corporation Of Nigeria Enugu)
3. Hazards Of Journalism Profession Under Military Regime (From 1993 – 1998)
4. The Essence Of Radio Communication And Its Impact On Radio Listeners
5. Mass Media Coverage Of Rural Development News. A Content Analytical Study Of The Guardian, Daily Champion, Punch And Daily Star Newspapers.
6. The Role Of Modern Technology In Achieving Communication Efficiency In Nigeria
7. Information Technology And The Changing Role Of Mass Media In Nigeria
A Discourse On The Impact Of Information Technology And Media Development In Nigeria
8. The Role Of The Broadcasting Media In Uplifting The Educational System Of Enugu State. (A Case Study Of Enugu Metropolis )
9. A Comparative Study On “The Importance Of Pidgin English In Broadcasting” (A Case Study Of The Esbs Enugu
10. The Impact Of Testimonial Use On Advertising Effectiveness (A Case Study Of Kanu Nwankwo In Pear Milk Advertisment)
11. An Assessment Of The Effects Of Television Programmes On Youths.(A Case Study Of Campus Circuit On Minaj Broadcast International)
12. The Role Of Radio In Democratic Society (A Case Study Of Enugu North Local Government Area)
13. The Role Of Public Relations In Enhancing Customers Satisfaction In A Government Perastattals
14. Institute Of Management And Technology Department Of Mass Communication The Role Of Radio In Mobilizing Women In Politics In Enugu Urban Areas
15. The Impact Of Women In Advertisements (A Case Study Of Delta Soap Television Advertisement)
16. The Role Of Community Public In Conflict Management
17. Public Relations As A Tool For Industrial Harmony.(A Case Study Of Construction Industry In Enugu State)
18. The Role Of Mass Media Coverage In The Family Planning And It’s Adoption By The Families In South East Geo-Political Zone And Nigerian Generally.
19. The Role Of Public Relations In Building Corporate Image

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To be eligible to apply for the PhD program, you must have completed, or be in the process of completing, a master's degree or equivalent advanced degree. If you are interested in the PhD program but you do not have an advanced degree, you should apply to the MA in mass communication with the intent of applying for a change of status during your second year of master's study.

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The student will also submit the following to the Department of Mass Communication and Theatre:
1) Three copies of the completed film. Two standard definition copies on a playable DVD, and one Quicktime version in its original High-Definition resolution on a data DVD.
2) One bound original on bond paper of the production proposal and script with original signatures of thesis committee on the approval page.
3) A copy of the complete production book and director’s book.