Master of Arts Thesis, English Department

The 2011 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition features work by six artists in the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Department of Art graduate program: Amanda Nicholas (drawing), Andrew Etheridge (sculpture), Isabelle Abbot (painting), Jody Christian (drawing), Jonathan Cobbs (painting/sculpture), and Maurice Moore (drawing).

Master of Arts Thesis OptionArchaeology, Biological, and Cultural Programs

Work leading to the degree of Master of Arts (M.A.) in Anthropology is designed to give prospective candidates a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of their professional field and training in their methods of research. In addition to the general anthropology M.A. degree, the department offers a nautical archaeology area of specialization through the Nautical Archaeology Program which involves specialized coursework in ship construction and recording, seafaring, and conservation methods.
The Department offers two MA degrees'the MA Thesis Option and the MA Non-Thesis Option. The Non-Thesis Option is available only to students in the Archaeology, Biological, and Cultural Programs.

Student's Advisory Committee
Upon admission to the M.A. program the student will be assigned a provisional advisor. The advisor will be a faculty member whose research is related to the topics of interest identified by the student in his or her application materials, but may or may not continue as Advisory Committee Chair. Incoming students should consult with their advisor before registering for classes regarding any background preparation they may need in preparation for the core courses. By the end of the first year, the student should select an Advisory Committee Chair and, in consultation with the chair, select the remainder of the Advisory Committee. The student's Advisory Committee will consist of not fewer than three members of the graduate faculty representative of the student's fields of study and research. Two of the members should be faculty in the department and one must be from outside the department. The duties of the committee include the responsibility for the proposed degree program, thesis research proposal, the thesis and its oral defense.

Degree Plan
A student must prepare a degree plan for approval by his or her Advisory Committee. The degree plan lists the courses that the student will take to satisfy the course requirements of the M.A. degree. This plan must be submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies before a student can register for the fourth semester. The degree plan may be modified later by the student with the approval of his or her Advisory Committee.
All degree plans must include the following:

An M.A. student must spend one semester in full-time residence beyond the baccalaureate degree.

Master of Arts Thesis Option Archaeology, Biological, and Cultural Programs
Core Courses

Master of Arts Thesis – Tim Broadwater

Students who are working on their Master of Arts thesis enrol in this course. This course will not count towards the course work requirements.

The M.A. candidate must demonstrate proficiency in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, be registered for at least two semesters at Cornell as a full-time student, and complete the Masters of Arts thesis as described below. An individualized course of study is designed by the student in consultation with a Special Committee, selected by the student and composed of two members of the Graduate Faculty, one of whom (the Special Committee Chair) must be a member of the core faculty in Asian Studies.