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However, I was wondering if there is specific advice compared to the talk of a paper or at a conference for the presentation of a technical (engineering) Master thesis presentation? What are the key differences?

There is a key difference between a master thesis presentation and a conference-style talk:

We held Doctor and Master Thesis Presentation at Hyatt Regency Tokyo. Lecturers were mainly alumni who graduated this March. All the presentations were talked about different field of studies, but both lecturers and participants had a great discussion.

Master Thesis Presentation by Niels Hüskens on Prezi

Master Thesis Presentation (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

An auscultation of a master thesis presentation can be replaced by a licentiate seminar or a doctoral dissertation. The student is then responsible for ensuring that certificates of attendance are written and submitted to the thesis project administrator for IDA for insertion in LADOK.