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When at BTH I worked for several years in a project to improve Master Theses in Software Engineering. The processes, supporting documents and lectures as well as rubrics for quality that I developed can be found . If I supervise your thesis you can expect to use this material extensively. You can also expect that the aim is both industrial relevance/effect and academic publication; this gives you the best options for your future career after the thesis.

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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering thesis option. The Department offers a thesis program for the Master of Science MS degree in Electrical Engineering. Topics for master thesis in software engineering Professional skills in addition to topics in software engineering and. thesis projects in software engineering. in software engineering Master’s thesis.

Master Thesis Proposal Software Engineering

Master Thesis Software Engineering of School of Engineering, Bleking Institute of Technology

M. Amar and K. Shabbir. Systematic review on testing aspect-oriented programs: Challenges, techniques and their effectiveness. Master Thesis Software Engineering, School of Engineering, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, August 2008.