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Writing a good doctoral thesis demands a lot of work from your side. As you are going to be a doctor, you are expected to be a master of the topic. And that in turns demands a lot of research and readings. You are expected to give some new outlook on the topic covered, which means you need to find something previously unexplored or not studied and even develop theories on the topic. The following outlines the main areas to be worked on to complete a good doctoral thesis:

This is a list of  topics that will help you choose a good Masters thesis topic.

Students write a Master Thesis under the supervision of any of the teachers of the programme.

The Master Thesis consists of an academic dissertation of 50-60 pages. The exact lenght and the topic shall be decided upon in close coordination with one of the professors teaching in the programme. They are all available for advice before and after registration of the topic.

The goal is to produce a written thesis in English of highest academic standard on a topic related to the programme. Many students prepare their Master thesis in view of their on-going or planned doctoral research or with a view to publication in an academic journal. The supervisors will assist the students in achiving their individual research goals and fulfilling the academic requirements of the programme.

Students enrolling in the Fall are requested to register their Master Thesis topic (as agreed upon with the supervisor) by 15 December. Students enrolling in the Spring are requested to register their Master Thesis topic by 15 May.

The Master Thesis must be completed by 15 May if the participant desires to graduate in the fall of same year. The Master Thesis must be completed by 15 December if the participant desires to graduate in the spring of the following year.

Every student is requested to comply with the "Code de déontologie en matière d'emprunts,
de citations et d'exploitation de sources diverses" to avoid plagiarism. The respective form must be handed in with the thesis.

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We're currently offering the following master thesis topics. Interested students should contact the professor offering supervision.

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