Master Thesis Topics - UCL - Université catholique de Louvain

in the table below you can find possible master thesis topics. The topics may be chosen by all students who study in a master program in the area "Sozialökonomie" (MiBAS, HRM, AWG etc.).

This is a list of  topics that will help you choose a good Masters thesis topic.

When students submit their choices on the website: They need to mark three topics in a certain order. On the basis of individual choices made, as many students as possible will be assigned a master thesis topic of their choice. In case where too many students have chosen the same topic, the assignment will proceed by drawing lots.

Masters Thesis Topic Definition Template

We're currently offering the following master thesis topics. Interested students should contact the professor offering supervision.

Writing a good doctoral thesis demands a lot of work from your side. As you are going to be a doctor, you are expected to be a master of the topic. And that in turns demands a lot of research and readings. You are expected to give some new outlook on the topic covered, which means you need to find something previously unexplored or not studied and even develop theories on the topic. The following outlines the main areas to be worked on to complete a good doctoral thesis: