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In the upcoming graduation ceremonies the Technion will be awarding 743 Masters Degrees (372 Masters with thesis, 188 Masters without thesis, 72 who are on the “direct” track to doctorate and 111 are MBA graduates). Most importantly, we have a record number of doctorate degree graduates – 205!

However, it is not a masters WITH thesis, it is the WITHOUT thesis option

Master’s Programme in Political Science and International Relations at Maltepe University Graduate School of Social Sciences, accepts graduates of Political Science and International Relations, along with the graduates of the other branches of social sciences, from different universities in Turkey. The aim of the programme is to, try and understand the international relations, processes and phenomena with a broad perspective, while being loyal to the concepts of political science. Unlike the traditional understanding, the Master Programme in Political Science and International Relations, which integrates theory and research, aims to earn basic concepts and means of analysis, with a modern curriculum. With these aims Masters Programme in Political Science and International relations at Maltepe University offers masters with thesis and masters without thesis.

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Can a master without thesis can apply for PHD

2. I saw two options: Masters with thesis and Masters without thesis. I know "Which one is better?" is a silly question but I'd really like to know the difference between them and how it would affect my future...