impact of culture on mergers andacquisitionsa theoreticalframework

In valuation of mergers and acquisitions with the help of market based method, the different attributes of the firm which is going to be acquired are compared with the similar types of attributes of other firms in the market. These firms (not the firm in question) normally have a market value that has been set up earlier. Furthermore, some other factors are to be taken into consideration before the comparison of the different attributes is done. First of all, which elements need comparison are to be distinguished and secondly, which are the firms that are going to act as comparables. Public sector corporations involved in the same type of industry (of the target firm) can be chosen as comparables. Nevertheless, if the target firm is not registered with a stock exchange or is relatively small in its size...

Mergers And Acquisitions Phd Thesis

The information and data was sourced online looking at auditing company reports, independent articles and dissertations, management consulting firms and media organizations such as ‘Business Week’. Attention was specifically given to motivating factors driving mergers and acquisitions at the beginning of the century to more recent corporate transactions. In addition, a perspective was sought from sources regarding the varying reasons for such transactions being subject to successes and failures. Notwithstanding a significant failure rate, this research looked at the reasons why shareholders and company directors continued to drive the enactment of such business transactions.

Mergers and acquisitions in franchising Executive Summary

Mergers and acquisitions are the part of the modern corporate finance world

Finance 325 Week 5Mergers and Acquisitions PaperInstructor: John CarrollThe University of PhoenixAugust 27, 2007Mergers and AcquisitionsThe impact of mergers and acquisitions on business has seen a change on the way mergers were conducted in prior years before legislators put a stop on some companies that were merging due to change in the economy, technology and for a change of management of the firm...