· A quick look at the Met Sine Thesis Helmet.

· The reality is the Met Sine Thesis helmet does allow the air to flow nicely which ... My only concern with the Met Sine Thesis is the silicone gel pads on ...

Met Sine Thesis Road Helmet Matt White 2011 Helmets & Protection Road @ Westbrook Cycles

MET Sine Thesis MET Pro Race-Helm Sine Thesis - Double In-Mold Konstruktion - ICE Lite: integrierte Composite Exoskeleton bietet ein Maximum an Leichtigkeit und Schutz - Safe-T Advanced Drehverschlusssystem (hoehenverstellbar) - Einstellbare Kevlar Gurte - Gel O2 Pads im ganzen Helm - Reflexapplikat

MET Sine Thesis Road Helmet - Clearance

MET Sine Thesis Road Helmet - Clearance

· Just in: MET Sine Thesis road helmet. More ventilation, less smelly. MET's new Sine Thesis (Matthew Cole/BikeRadar) The front gel strip forms ...

MET Sine Thesis Helmet

Don’t bother looking for an equivalent to Sine-Thesis on the market, there isn’t one. For the simple reason that only MET is able to build such a complex shell. Assembling the exoskeleton in the matrix before the shell moulding process requires 14 different operations carried out by experts. It is a daring innovation worthy of a Jules Verne novel transformed into a very real product by our technical wizardry.

In-Mould Intelligent Fusion construction

ICE Lite construction

Gel 02 anti-allergenic interior pads

Safe-T Smart

Reflective rear stickers

KevlarTM straps

Embedded straps

Strong-fit lateral dividers

Weight: M250g.;L285g

Head Contact Surface (HCS): 20%

Cooling Factor (CF): 10

Size M 54 - 57cm

L 58 - 61cm

MET Sine-Thesis from Met-helmets on Vimeo. The Met Sine Thesis Helmet's Exoskeleton is integrated into the in-moulding process allowing structural performance way beyond established standards.Met Sine Thesis Helmet: Famous for its incredible ventilation, gel padding and low contact design, the Sine Thesis continues to be the Helmet of choice for many of the hardest working road riders in pro cycling. met sine thesis: it’s what team liquigas used to race on before switching over to rudy project. and now, met has distribution in the usa! it reminds me of the bontrager oracle, but more venty and flowy…I want one.