MFA Photography Thesis Exhibition 2009 Installation

Near the end of the MFA thesis writing the student will have to present his/her creation in an exhibition or a show. For the visual arts students the opportunity is given to use the schools’ own art galleries or they can use the public galleries for exhibiting the creations like paintings, sculpture, pottery or any other type of the creations. The Music, dance and theatre students shall arrange shows to present their performances or dramas. The comments, reviews, praise and the criticism received have to be recorded and discussed in the thesis.

Past MFA Thesis Exhibitions,  at Carnegie Mellon University since the year 2000.

The 2009 MFA Photography Thesis Exhibition features work by Katharyn Addcox, Brooke Berger, Niki Grangruth, Allison Grant, Lisa Lindvay, Kevin G. Malella, Herman Nicholson, Grant W. Ray and Mike Reinders.

MFA Photography Thesis Exhibition 2009 Installation

NYU MFA Thesis Show Part 1Nickolas CalabreseGregory CarideoEmily ClaytonMary CormanZach Osif

The MFA Thesis Exhibition is a moment for the artists to enter a next phase, moving from studio to public context. It is the time for the art to stand on its own, and for the artists to speak in voices developed out of four semesters' worth of conversation and critique.

The is proud to present the 2015 MFA Thesis Show. The program has an interdisciplinary orientation that supports both the crossing and merging of mediums as well as the investigation and use of content from diverse areas of thought.Work presented in the MFA Thesis Exhibition is wide-ranging in scope, form, material, and theme, and reflects a curriculum that celebrates interdisciplinary approaches, interaction, and social engagement.Associated with the MFA Thesis Show, the 2015 graduating MFA class will present a collective evening of performance and video works in the event on Thursday, May 21.Ivor Cummings: MFA Thesis Exhibition
October 2–8, 2014
Mission Hill Gallery, SMFA
Opening reception: October 2