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"Tesis" is not only a tantalizing Horror Thriller, but is also anintelligent study of people's fascination with death and the imagery ofdeath. Several movies about the topic of snuff films have come up inthe last several years (8 MM, for example), this one is definitely thebest.

Angela is a young woman who is writing a thesis on violence in themedia, in order to get her degree in communication science. Doingresearch, she gets to know Chema, a fellow student who is obsessed withviolent movies. Angela finds a snuff video of a girl tortured to death,Chema recognizes the girl as a former student from their school, whodisappeared several years ago. Angela and Chema get themselves intogreat danger, trying to find out who killed the girl.

Thrilling from the first to the last minute, and sometimes quiteshocking and disturbing, "Tesis" is a movie that will definitely notdisappoint you if you're looking for suspense. But not only is themovie thrilling and entertaining it also makes some very interestingpoints in the questions why people are fascinated with death andviolence, what the effects of fascination with violence are and howmedia are dealing with it. I'll never forget the beginning of themovie, when a suicide occurs in the Madrid subway and Angela, althoughshe doesn't want to be 'fascinated with violence', can't help but tryto get a look at the dead body.

The acting in the movie is very good, specially Ana Torrent as Angelaand Fele Martínez as Chema. A good cinematography supports the suspenseand the thrilling atmosphere. Alejandro Amenábar did a great jobwriting and directing this movie, one of the most thrilling of the90's. A great horror thriller, researching people's fascination withviolence and death, 'Tesis' is disturbing, terrifying and intelligent!8 out of 10!

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