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When writing the thesis the students have to select and follow an accepted style of writing, which is in line with the requirements laid by the particular department of study. The students have to consult their supervisors and closely follow the thesis guideline to identify the writing style applicable. At this level of studies, it is expected that the students understand, follow and demonstrate the academic and the research ethics and the accepted norms in empirical research process. Although there can be variations across different universities, most of the time, it is necessary for the students to defend their MPhil thesis. This is done with a presentation to the thesis committee and facing question and answer session. An oral examination could also follow.

A LaTeX template for PhD/MPhil Thesis of University of Cambridge. Distributed under GPL.

As part of the MPhil Thesis requirement, students must attend the thesis workshop and the thesis fair at the beginning of the academic year, as well as the library session and the workshop on delivering a presentation (see the for the times and dates). Students should also consult:

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Mingming's MPhil thesis defence(Aug 25, 2011)

The MPhil and PhD are assessed by thesis supplemented by oral examination. The maximum length of a PhD thesis is 80,000 words, and the maximum length of an MPhil thesis is 60,000 words. All PhD and MPhil candidates are examined viva voce.

The jury members each give a grade (on a scale of 20) on the basis of the quality of the thesis text and of the defence; the three grades are averaged for the final grade. The MPhil thesis has the weight of 24 credits in calculation of the overall percentage for the programme. Detailed evaluation criteria are available under ‘Summary’ (please see above).Don’t be too ambitious. A thesis with a fairly narrow scope will make your work easier. On the other hand, don’t set your goals too low, either. An MPhil thesis should cover more material and defend broader, deeper claims than a term paper does. The appropriate scope of your thesis and its central claims is among the important issues that you should discuss with your supervisor.