The objectives for this MSc thesis pilot were:

These instructions are provided for students who are starting a MSc thesis work that is valued to 30 credits (hp) or Civilingenjör examensarbete that is valued to 15 credits (hp)

MSc Thesis TEMPLATE for IST (Instituto Superior Técnico) of Universidade de Lisboa.

You may only start with the master’s thesis after completion and submission of the Application Form Start MSc Thesis. The thesis co-ordinator should have received this form from the Board of Examiners signed for agreed.

Table: EMTN MSc Thesis pilot projects.

Here is my MSc thesis, which was submitted to the University of Sheffield in September 2015.

The MSc Thesis is graded by the Professor, after consultation with the supervisor if applicable. The written and approved report needs to be handed in as a paper version to the Program Administrator, and a PDF version, together with all necessary data needs to be uploaded to a data repository.

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