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A major positive step was the establishment of the NINR in April 1986. However, while its funding has grown from approximately $11 million to $135 million, this is a small amount relative to allocations for other health science institutes (e.g., dentistry) and for major disease category funding such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease. The budget of NINR, which doubled with the rapid increase in the NIH budget from 1999-2004, needs to be doubled once again to provide the resources for the strong additional contributions that can be made by nursing research to the health of the American public. In addition, because of the interdisciplinary nature of much of nursing research, greater diversity in the funding opportunities available to nurse scientists should be pursued, including increased funding from other NIH Institutes, AHRQ, CDC, and a wide array of foundations.

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The next stage of development in nursing research encompasses the creation of highly dynamic research environments that enable a greater proportion of faculty to excel as scientists, in that the volume and quality of their work has a substantial influence on health care. Such environments are characterized by the following attributes: an increasing number of positions in which faculty concentrate almost entirely on research, research mentorship and research leadership; balancing of teaching, research, and service missions across the school as a whole rather than within individual faculty activities; and inclusion of students at all educational levels directly in faculty research (Potempa & Tilden, 2004).

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A thesis for nursing should be arresting and captivating and written with great care. You can go through the sample nursing thesis available from nets or go through some extensive nursing research thesis to have an idea of an interesting nursing thesis.