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Activating the Editor. At this point (login), a page should open with the GSREditing class shown under Classes. Click on the class and then on Assignments. Select Start Response. To enter text for editing, copy and paste from a Word document in the window at the bottom of the page. Press Response to see the analysis of writing. A dark blue header indicates the errors identified under Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, and Style. Each of those opens into a set of specific errors. Clicking on the ones with numbers in parentheses takes you to the text box below in which the error is highlighted. Passing the mouse over the highlighted text produces an explanation for the error. You must then decide whether the editor is correct so that you would change your original thesis or project writeup. To make a change, click on Revise at the bottom. With each submission, you can view the analysis under Response as you did before. Ultimately, you would copy and paste the corrected version back into your original document.

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Dianetics original thesis, people how to write book references in bibliography and Gian-Carlo Rota.

While creating a thesis in PDF format, it is good to use the latest software to create the document and then make it compatible to older versions of the same software. The file size of the thesis should be as small as possible and all fonts in the file must be embedded. No security settings should be enabled in the PDF document if a person wants his thesis to be available for free use on the Internet in to publish the thesis online. Documents with file sizes greater than 100mb are split into two or more parts, depending upon the situation. It is possible for a digital thesis to have page numbers which are different from the original thesis. In such a case, an acknowledgement accounting for minor variations between the printed and digital thesis must be prepared and certified by the author.