Research Paper or Thesis; In the General Communication M

Students have the semester in which they register for COMM 5950 or COMM 599A, B PLUS two additional semesters (fall and spring) to complete their thesis or research project before having to register continually thereafter in COMM 5991, Research Completion Requirement (1 semester hour). This is unusual for any Graduate College to offer a full one academic year in which to complete the research requirement without any financial fee or tuition payment which is still another advantage of graduate study at Austin Peay State University.

Note: For the General Communication M.A., Theatre productions and performances are welcome when combined witha research paper or thesis. Graduate students can conduct multiple creative activities to satisfythis requirement when accompanied by a written paper based in Theatre theory, criticism and/orhistory. Theatre history and critical studies are also welcome to satisfy this research requirement.

A research paper thesis statement is one of the key elements to a good research paper

A is a plan and guiding material so that one can write a thesis paper in a well recognized system. For a , the composition of the outline will help students to realize the parts of the thesis. It includes name of the research paper, introductory chapter that provides the background of the study, a summary of the documents, information about how the research takes place, presentation of data, analysis of the data and finally summary of the entire paper. It is an important pre-writing tool that will make students life even easier and it is one of the important one in the graduate thesis. Of course, we all know the fact that writing a dissertation will always be a part of college education. So it is important to learn how to compose the outline for such a research paper at the early stage.

Research Paper Thesis Statement Examples

Holocaust Research Paper Sample Thesis Statement by zaaaa59

Your research paper thesis is the topic you will investigate. These words are not synonymous, as a thesis implies a broader description of problems and issues studied in the research paper. Pay particular attention to this stage of research paper writing, because if you start out wrong you are unlikely to get positive end results. That’s why the first and the most important step is to write a research paper thesis and outline before you actually start working on your research paper.