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I am a teacher in the Duval County School System. We utilize a performance appraisal called the CAST, (Collaborative, Assessment, System for Teachers). This form of performance appraisal consists of several observations every school year as well as student growth. There are a minimum of two formal observations and at least one informal observation during the school year. For a formal observation, the teacher is allowed to prepare a lesson in a subject area of their choice. The administrator assigned to that grade level is scheduled to come in during the specific time which the teacher and the administrator discussed in the pre observation. During the observation, the administrator is looking for evidence in various categories such as the learning environment and communication with the students. For the informal observation, the same procedures as the formal observation applies except that any administrator can complete the observation during an unplanned time. The student growth is based on the assigned state test for the specific grade level. At the end of the school year, a final evaluation is discussed in detail. The CAST ratings range from Unsatisfactory to Highly Effective, which results in a numerical value that can average up to 100 points. The student growth portion also has a numerical value that can be up to 100. I think CAST leans more towards the Behavioral Approach. There are various administrators are responsible for keeping a detailed copy of what was said during the observations. There is also prompt feedback that is provided after the observation from the administrator. During the final evaluation which is done by the principal, teachers have an opportunity to contest their evaluation or accept it. While I have not had any difficulties with this system, I would prefer another form of evaluation. The CAST can be very subjective. Depending on the administrator which performs the observation the ratings can change substantially. Also, from year to year the students can change drastically which can affect the student growth as well. I am not certain of an evaluation for teachers that I would be so subjective, however I am hoping one will be created which can be a true picture of the teacher’s performance.

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This thesis aims to identify how employees’ perceived justice (or fairness) of performance appraisals influence their effectiveness and usefulness for an organization’s performance management system by critically evaluating the existing knowledge of appraisal provided by researchers. It contains an analysis of similarities and differences in the points of view presented by researchers and an explanation of why these similarities and differences are influential. Next, it provides a discussion of HRM’s role in the management of this particular issue. This thesis also attempts to move beyond the narrow strictures in which performance appraisal is presently conceptualized, explores gaps in researches and wider issues relating to performance management, and provides important implications for other organizations.

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Thesis on human resource performance appraisal. Alan Auerbach, professor of Economics at thesis on human resource performance appraisal the end of the personality.

As with each different type of performance appraisal there are some advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages with the form that is used are that it lets the employer provide as much information as they wish. It gives the employee the opportunity to provide their side of their review in dept, it gives the employee a complete view of how their supervisor and management staff views them, and the performance appraisal form has to be signed by the upper management at the end of the review process. By limiting or having a numerical scale there may be a chance that the employer may not get a chance to say what they...