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When applying for the PhD program in Computer Science the candidates need to put forward a proposal for the admission committee. The writing is not really easy to complete, but if you do not manage this stage, why get a PhD degree? Do not lose heart and be persistent – then the fortune will smile at you. PhD thesis in Computer Science is in a way different form all the other PhD proposals’ types, but you can master the art of its composing if you are really interested in the sphere. The following article will provide you with some prompts on .

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In business what do you do if you become overloaded or have menial tasks to undertake that may prevent you from doing something more important? You delegate that work to someone else to perform it for you; you find someone you can trust and you give them clear instructions and allow them to get on with it while you do something else more important. In the case of your computer science PhD thesis, this could mean someone writing up your notes while you conduct more research, or someone doing research to provide a background for part of your research while you analyze some data. So for instance if you were doing a PhD thesis on cloud computing you could have someone gathering data on the top companies that offer these services while you were investigating more technical aspects. This would allow you to be able to complete your cloud computing PhD thesis much quicker and with far less stress. But whether you are doing a general PhD thesis in computer science or a more specialized one such as a PhD thesis on image processing, you have to choose a very professional service that employs .

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In December 2011, I passed a PhD Thesis in computer science entitled  under the joint supervision of  and .

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