PhD Thesis in Computer Science.

Julien Mairal has won several awards for his PhD thesis "Sparse Coding for Machine Learning, Image Processing and Computer Vision": the 2010 AFRIF PhD thesis award, the 2011 EADS award for best PhD thesis in computer science, and an honorable mention for the 2011 Gilles Kahn PhD thesis award.

Wrote a PhD thesis in computer science while working for three industrial organizations:

I am a Lord Kelvin Smith Scholar at the University of Glasgow and have recently submitted my PhD thesis in Computer Science. I have worked in the theory and applications of formal methods to describe and analyse quantum information processing systems. This is an interdisciplinary field of study which encapsulates the theories and methodologies from theoretical computer science to describe and analyse optical quantum information processing systems. The prime motivation of this research is to provide a conceptual understanding in quantum information processing and to aid the development of tools for verifying the correctness of practical quantum technologies like quantum cryptography.

PhD thesis in Computer Science | Phd Proposal

Esben Warming Pedersen on 4th February 2013 successfully defended his PhD thesis in computer scienc

Gregorio Toscano Pulido was awarded the First Place in the national theses competition (in the category of PhD thesis in computer science) held at the XIX National Congress and Fifth International Congress on Computer Science organized by the National Association of Educative Institutions in Computer Science (ANIEI for its acronym in Spanish), in October 2006.