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Laura Paulauskienė has defended PhD thesis in Management: "Prospects for Improving the Governance of Tourism in Lithuania: Interaction of the National and Local Levels" on January 22th, 2014.

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There will always be a need for management within any organization and where there are managers there will always be a need to improve the ways that they work and interact with each other and their businesses. This is why holding a PhD in management can be so valuable; either for an employee of a company or as a highly credible business improvement consultant. When you hold your PhD you can almost name the price that a company will pay for . But how can you get that PhD? Well once you are accepted onto a course you will have to complete your PhD thesis in management. A more than significant task which will absorb all of your available time for many months. The trouble is that once you start you have to finish, the investment is just too great and the rewards too high to be able to just fail.

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Gediminas Pauliukevičius has defended PhD thesis in Management: "Management of Entrepreneurship Promotion System: A Case Study of Lithuania" on April 15th, 2014.

The proper way to write a PhD thesis in financial management is to begin by understanding the orientation of your program, and of your specific research project. Financial management PhD-granting institutions typically fall into one of three categories, each of which has a specific focus:Ieva Misiūnė has defended PhD thesis in Management: "Environmental self-regulation: changes of certified companies in Lithuania" on September 25th, 2014.Thus, when you set out to write a PhD thesis in financial management, its character and methodology will be largely determined by the kind of program you are in. Here are some specific guidelines to help you discover the kind of PhD thesis that is most appropriate for each focus within financial management:Edita Stumbraitė-Vilkišienė has defended PhD thesis in Management: "Conceptualization of citizen participation activity and satisfaction interaction in co-creating a public service" on August 28th, 2013.