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When majoring in Economics you are tasked with picking a PhD thesis topic. The PhD thesis topic should encompass a subject that is interesting to you and to others. Remember you will be working on this for three or four years so making sure the topic is of interest to you and more importantly of interest to others is a key point in creating your thesis topic. The PhD thesis period in your education is the only uninterrupted free learning time you have so use it wisely. There are many steps to choosing a PhD thesis topic and following these steps will help you to establish a great thesis topic.

Secondly, PhD thesis topics cannot be commented on in isolation. You have to first tell us:

First of all, I am apologizing for not introducing myself, the first time when requesting for your suggestions and comments on PhD thesis topics. My Name is MOUMOUNI Diafarou Ali from Niger republic (see my blog: ) and currently working in Bamako-Mali with an engineering consultancy firm named BETICO-SARL (website: ) as an expert in water management and Irrigation networks operation and maintenance of newly developed Irrigation schemes.

Potential Phd Thesis Topics in Information Technology

What are some interesting research phd thesis topics related to openstreet data?

If you are looking for a PhD thesis proposal, the following is a list of openPhD thesis topics that are available under the advice ofwithin the of INRIA Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée and I3S (CNRS and Université Nice Sophia Antipolis).