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Putin Accused of Plagiarizing Thesis - The Moscow Times

has found a novel way to drop plagiarism charges against 4 academics against whom plagiarism charges were established by an independent committee. They charged the academics with misconduct, took up the matter formally at a Syndicate meeting and then dismissed their own charges since misconduct does not apparently include plagiarism under the University Act!

Putin Accused of Plagiarizing Thesis

Plagiarism is cheating. Every university in the world has rules guarding against plagiarism and the kinds of penalties awarded to anyone who breaks the rules. Penalties can range from a simple verbal warning, through a more serious formal written warning, to the point where the person may be dismissed from the university for repeat offences of plagiarism. What is certain for students is that grades are cut for work where tutors identify plagiarism.

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Do we really blame mentors (or: advisors) for failing to detect plagiarism when the problem is on the other side of this mentor-mentee relationship? .When it is detected, the serious consequences (loss of reputation, loss of career, public exposure etc.) are the principal deterrent to others. Of course advisors and examiners should be actively on the lookout for plagiarism however their principle activity is to advise on the development of the work and examine the result of the work. Ph.D.s are, in some cases, supervised and examined by early career researchers, who may not have the depth and breadth of knowledge of the literature to detect some cases of plagiarism. No matter what, the candidate carries the ultimate responsibility.