Details on the listed and on other possible thesis topics as well as further information on writing a final thesis at our Institute can be viewed by clicking the links below.

possible masters thesis topic? | Ergoweb

Below is a list of possible thesis topics which can be done in 2015 in the context of the DiLiPaD or ExPoSe projects.
These thesis topics can be taken for Bachelor or Master thesis in Information Science or Artificial Intelligence at UvA.

Possible Thesis Topics with Oliver Schulte (December 2014)

Below are examples of possible thesis topics. Many more topics can be agreedupon in individual consultation.

Dr. Guest performs experimental research in polar regions, electromagnetic propagation and IED detection. This web page is pretty much obsolete, please contact Dr. Guest is you might be interested in doing a thesis in these areas. Possible thesis topics could involve these topics:

Below are some suggestions for possible thesis topics. To get a flavor of the kind ofwork involved, it may be a good idea to look at some previous theses(see link below). Come and talk to us, if you are interested!A student can take one current issue (e.g., melamine contamination in milk, methathione controversy, climate change, farm waste management, mining) and come up with any of these topics : 1) framing of the issue online, 2) framing of the issue in national newspapers, 3) mothers’ risk perceptions of melamine in milk, 4) rural mothers’ awareness of food safety issues, 5) information needs on each of these issues, etc. Based on these variations, one can have 25 possible thesis topics to choose from and discuss with the thesis adviser.