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Master's students who are preparing a thesis must give an oral presentation of their work. This presentation is not a formal defense. Rather, approval of the thesis is based upon the written document. The presentation may be scheduled only after the members of your M.S. Thesis Reading Committee have reviewed the completed written document and consider the thesis to be satisfactory. A copy of the completed final draft of the thesis must be in the hands of your reading committee before you are allowed to continue with scheduling the oral presentation.

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Writing a thesis proposal is not always the end of the story, for some courses you may be asked to deliver a thesis proposal presentation and then defend what you have proposed. Your thesis proposal ppt presentation has to be able to summarize the main points of your proposal and convince the approvals committee that it is worthwhile and that you should be allowed to continue with developing your thesis.

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Title of Project
Begin your presentation with the title of your project. State the name of the University and your faculty research mentor’s department, your name, and the name of your faculty research mentor.