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Michelle Obama’s thesis is another example of muckraking focus. Quotes were “lifted” from Michelle Obama’s Princeton senior thesis during the 2008 campaign year. was someone obtained the print thesis in the Princeton library before the library made it temporarily unavailable and was misquoting Mrs. Obama. The Obama campaign’s response was to make the openly accessible on the internet so that people could read it and put the quote in context.

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Kopp proposed the program in her 1989 Princeton senior thesis. At the time, according to her 2001 memoir, she was half-heartedly pursuing a job at Morgan Stanley. Her friends were headed to Wall Street because "they just couldn't think of anything else to do." So Kopp, who had managed a $1.5 million student group that organized conferences with corporate leaders, wrote to the CEOs of 30 major companies seeking money for her "movement." But money alone doesn't buy status. Kopp knew the only way to attract elite students was to "counteract teaching's image as a 'soft' and downwardly mobile career." "[O]ur goal was to appear selective," she wrote. In 1996, six years after the program launched, she told : "I'd like people to someday talk about TFA the way they talk about the Rhodes Scholarship."

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How would references to the demise of fascism as a critical problem and "fascism's greatness" have been treated if they had appeared in Justice Samuel A. Alito's Princeton senior thesis?