The printer completes the information at points A, B and C.

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 Printing of the thesis should be done in accordance with the UiB template for thesis'.

Next, plan out what material for printing you would like to use. As you know, the material of your thesis paper will also reflect your intention to produce high quality project that is professional and expertly written. You can simply use white and clean paper for printing. Then you have a laser printer to print out the texts and images of your work. This way, you will have sharp pages for your thesis project. Lastly, have your printed-paper bound like a book.

Paper Types for Printing a Thesis | eHow

Information regarding printing of thesis and the UiB template is found .

The final step in completing your thesis/essay is producing your PDF file so that you can upload it by the deadline and printing & delivering any required reader copies of your document. Thesis/essay writers have several options for printing their reader copies:

How can we make sure that we have done good thesis printing procedures? Before you plan to print your thesis paper, make sure that there are no parts in it that you still need to edit. Proofreading your work before printing is the best way to remove your worries about typographical mistakes. Moreover, this process will eliminate your worries when it comes to spelling and grammar.You want to be sure that the process of printing your thesis is easy, fast and high quality. GVO brings you the best printing service as well as advise about the preparation by means of workshops and our own book; ‘How to make a PhD thesis’. Printing thesis is probably the last part in the process. You should have an idea how to print your documents well. Take a look at some of our samples for your reference.