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Product Design Thesis Project :
This award recognises the best Product that combines art, science, and technology. A product that defines efficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to create tangible inventions.

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Course consists of a semester-long project chosen by the student under advisement of a faculty member. If approved by a faculty member, this can be a continuation of 22-3740 Product Design Thesis I. Students select an area of interest in order to broaden material and process awareness. Completion of project requires a complex user interface and extensive research into the development of a working virtual prototype. Students spend the first third of the semester doing research and are responsible for the development, prototyping, and refinement required to create a successful product. Requirements also include market research, cost analysis, prototyping, field-testing, and refinement. Student produces a complete booklet documenting the full process and the completed product in its entirety.

3 Credits

Reminds me of my product design thesis, same premise.

77, a1627979, Product design thesis (telesis) / Jerry M

Other teaching includes leading Cliff Nass' inspired Communication class research projects, Product Design Thesis and Design Garage, and the REVS/Cars class, Tales to Design Cars By.