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The role of a proofreader in the publication agency is to ensure that everything that was contained in a manuscript is identically replicated in the proof. They are not only concerned with identifying grammatical errors, they also consider the editorial marks that have been made by the copyeditor and ensure that the typesetter has followed them. Proofreaders in a publication agency act as an additional set of eyes to identify any final mistakes that the other people involved in the publication process may have missed. In order to work as a proofreader for a publication company you need to be highly focused and have the ability to concentrate for long periods of time.

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In this competitive world, presenting a thesis is not an easy job. You may have written the best thesis, but your language may not be up to the mark. Or you have wrongly spelt words and other grammatical errors, which creates a bad impression for your thesis. Thesis proofreading is available for editing thesis of graduate, undergraduate and international students. A Thesis proofreader will go through the thesis and correct any spelling, grammar, punctuation and other errors. You can make use of a thesis proofreading service to improve the clarity and flow of your thesis. Thesis proofreading can be done for essays, research paper, term paper and dissertations. A proofread thesis provides competitive advantage for you.

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Besides it, we also offer our services for mathematical and statistical documents produced by various statistical software and programs such as Latex, Mathematical, SPSS, etc. All of these documents are checked by our proofreaders with the help of same software to minimize your headache of correcting mistakes. Our proofreading and editing services includes various tasks of editing such as: