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If you decide to publish your thesis, then know that you have much work ahead of you. You will need motivation, dedication and resilience, all the qualities that got you through your PhD years.

@maricris Great question. We’d love for you to publish your thesis on Lulu. Simply start here: .

I'm interested in publishing parts of my PhD thesis in advance and I'm wondering wether or not this will result in problems later on. One of the problems I'm thinking of is that usually the copyright is transferred to the journal/publisher but at our university you are required to publish your thesis online via the library website, which means you have to give them the right to publicize the thesis (which I'm not sure you still can do, even when a slightly modified version of the journal paper is only part of the thesis).

To publish your thesis electronically:

Publishing your Thesis Elsewhere

It’s free and easy to upload your thesis onto Lulu. And getting a professional-quality bound copy of it delivered to your doorstep is quick. Moreover, we offer services that can create a professionally designed cover specifically for your work. To get your research out there, we can assign your work an ISBN and even get it listed on the iBookstore (SM) and NOOK™ book store. Most importantly, by publishing on Lulu you retain control of all copyright and permission settings. You determine who can view your work, and when. If you feel that publishing your thesis, final project or dissertation on Lulu sounds like a viable option for you, then please read the steps below for more information on how to get started.

[…] Someone told me about getting it published in Lulu, which is like a self-publishing platform, but I wasn’t convinced until today. Well, this blog post made me change my mind: Publishing Your Thesis with Lulu. […]You own the copyright to your thesis as a whole and are free to publish your thesis if you wish. If your thesis includes copyrighted works like figures, tables, etc. the publisher may request that you get permission to publish.In the meantime I’ve tried to sort out the different offers in my inbox – and want to let you know about my results
and final decision on the publisher that suits my needs the best.
I must say that my opinion completely changed – not everything that is offered free of charge is necessarily bad.
I like the setup they have at GRIN (), a German publisher located in Munich.
It was easy to contact the guys there and they were all very helpful – real people working there, not some guys in a callcenter who try to
put lipstick on the pig. You will get a complete free publication with an ISBN. In return you have to ensure that the paper you want to publish
suits their layout recommendation for example. Considering this you will get the results as expected.
Honestly, does anyone think one can get a free publication plus proofreading? I for one did that before I handed in my paper at the university already,
which I think should be self-evident. Proofreading for free may possibly happen with the new bestseller to come, but having academic papers published it is not common at all.
On the very contrary in most cases you are asked to pay for the publication of your thesis. For me it was the right decision, maybe it can be an oppertunity too for one of you.However, there might be reasons not to publish your thesis, but it is not so different from normal working papers. Maybe your thesis is just bad, you did not get any meaningful results, you have made significant mistakes, etc.