I published my PhD thesis as a book in VDM verlag

Oh, and the published PhD thesis that led me to Dickey’s work is this one (which I also highly recommend): Julia A. Snyder, , WUNT 2, no. 370 (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2014).

Paper from my already published PhD thesis -- How do I cite it?

My published work represents the beginnings of a body of research seeking to redefine sustainable architecture through mimicking ecosystems, changing goals from sustainable to regenerative development, and integrating complex social factors into sustainable architectural design. These ideas are encapsulated in my recently published PhD thesis: .

4 · Paper from my already published PhD thesis — How do I cite it?

Published PhD theses:

There are therefore several places where the unpublished PhD thesis can be deposited online, if you deem the issues detailed in previous posts to be outweighed by the benefits of disseminating your research more widely. These are just a very few of those I have explored (in repsonse to for example user moorbi, introduces us to , a free German publisher). Having researched this in greater detail, I am still concerned that by posting my thesis online I may face additional challenges in publishing a monograph. This ultimately has become an issue of Open Access and I have to admit I find it encouraging that universities (in the UK at least) and EThOS and the like, are making it easier for PhD researchers to make their PhD research available online.

[2]PengXu, "Eddy current testing probe composed of double uneven step distributing coils for crack detection",Published PHD thesis, Sega University, China, 2008.