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Publishing your thesis
You have completed your thesis and your degree has been awarded. Now you can decide if you want to publish your thesis. Discuss publication options with your supervisor as they will be aware of publication trends in your discipline.
You will have a range of publishing options including:
* adding your thesis to Sydney Digital Theses, the online archive of PhD, professional doctorates and Masters (Research) theses from the University of Sydney. Sydney Digital Theses is part of the national Australian Digital Theses Program
* publishing your thesis as a book with a commercial publisher
* turning individual chapters into journal articles for publication in commercial journals
* self-publishing the thesis on your own website

about the phenomena of publishing your thesis as a book.

It depends mostly on whether publishing your thesis as a book is a requirement in the PhD process or not. As JeffE notes in his comments, publishing the thesis as a book may be a university requirement before you get your PhD. Though, in the cases that I know, publication is after the defense, and you are allowed to make smaller modifications to the originally defended version, as long as the thesis reviewers agree to these.

* publishing your thesis as a book with a commercial publisher

3 · Publishing thesis as a book.

One of the answers says that some researchers in humanities publish their thesis as a book. Could the same be done for example in physics, chemistry or math degree? By book I mean the whole thesis, not just a handbook with selected material.