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I've found myself extensively referencing parts of theses and dissertations for my own research paper. [The IEEE editorial style manual][1] suggests that they should be referenced in the following form:

Referencing A Thesis In Apa Format

There are many sources that a research scholar has to refer to in the course of research that is carried out. It could be a book, website, journal, newspaper or even a thesis. We are concerned about referring to a thesis in the appropriate way, if the citation style used is the MLA or APA style. This is an imaginary example of a thesis on African American poetry. These are the components of a reference, irrespective of whether it is MLA or APA style; learn more about referencing a thesis from our thesis experts:

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The principles when referencing a thesis are similar to those employed when referencing a book

The Harvard format is a common writing style used for scientific and technical writing. Like many other writing styles, HRS allows its writer to give credit to the sources in which they obtain their information. The use of Harvard references prevents plagiarism, accusations of plagiarism towards a writer, and brings credibility to the work of the writer. The parenthetical citations allow writers to reference their source of information within the text of their work. Those citations are then compiled in a list of references located at the end of the document called the reference list.

As for the use of inclusive pagination (i.e. first and last page numbers), it makes it easier for potential users to distinguish between one-page notes and 50 page review articles. The only time I have seen this done is to distinguish between articles/chapters in @journal, @incollection, @book or @inbook type references to say the least. Typically, the style has been to include all pages of the reference rather than a subset of pages. If you want to make reference to a particular page or chapter of a dissertation or thesis, however, you may do so in your text along with the citation. For example,By default a separate list of references appears at the end of each chapter, and are sorted by the order that they are cited in that chapter. The option (see ) will create a single list of references for the whole thesis, which due to the requirements of the Graduate School, will appear after the last chapter and before any appendices.