"Academic Research Paper on the Film “Citizen Kane.""

In the introduction, the relevant contextual material or background is presented, terms and concepts are defined, the author’s specific purpose and the focus of research papers are explained as well as plan of organization is revealed. Writers build body of the research paper thesis around the points they want to investigate. Many sources used in academic writing become integrated into discussion here. There are summaries, analysis, explanations, and evaluations of published works. Authors holding online jobs move from generalization to details and back to generalization before making conclusion in academic writing. Moreover, if the point or argument of the paper is rather complex, there is a need in summarizing the argument in the process of research paper writing.

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This is an in-depth research paper on the greatest film of all time in America, Citizen Kane. The objective of this paper is to help readers understand about the facts behind this film, the controversies and how it became the best-remembered and highly-rated film in history and as well as understanding the characters of the film. The beginning part of this paper will dwell on the history behind the two figures commonly associated to the film. Then, this paper will feature an analysis of the main and important characters in the film, mainly in the form of a behavioural analysis. Then, I will discuss two important scenes from the film that made a huge impact in Kane's life, the "breakfast table" scene and the "picnic" scene before concluding my research paper.

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When students write research paper theses, they should narrow their topics so that the theses discuss a very specific, clearly stated subject. Unlike term papers that can usually only adequately discuss one aspect of a topic, theses have the space to discuss several aspects of a topic, but the writer must be extremely clear which areas of the subject the will cover and which areas it will not cover.