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The research thesis statement can only be a single sentence and not a long paragraph because you want to get the attention of your targeted reader. Here are some good tips on writing a good research thesis statement in a single sentence:


A thesis is the focal point of a research paper. Leaving a few exceptions of one or two types of research papers, all researches and research paper assignments revolve around the thesis. The research will be conducted with the aim of giving a definite shape to the thesis and the research paper written with the objective of proving the thesis to others. Considering all these, it is needless to explain the significance of research thesis statements.

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A Research thesis statement which is weak or illegible will fail the purpose of the research paper. Even if your thesis is the most impressive one, unless you convince the readers of the worth of your thesis, it will not appeal to them. Make sure that you explain the scope and nature of the problem before stating your thesis to make it easier for the audience to follow it.