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Individual Assignment — Risk Management and Risk of Risk Management of an Existing Issue.
This assessment focuses on aspects and practices of risk management and the risk of risk management and can be considered as being a combination report and academic

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Risk management is the procedure by which different risk exposures are identified, assessed, controlled, monitored and reported. Most organizations are faced by different types of risks which require different approach. In this respect therefore, the issue of risk management is significant in all organizations. The financial institutions are one of the most vulnerable organizations to risks as they are affected by all types of risks one can think of. Some of the risks faced include; credit risks, solvency risks, rate of return risks, investment risk, operational risks, among other types of risks. In this case therefore, the financial institutions require an elaborate risk management program to mitigate the potential losses. This chapter evaluates the research objectives and the statement of the problem with main attention on the Islamic banking.