Sample Thesis Topic and Supervisor Preference Form

Good sample thesis topics are supposed to perform the job of a teacher. A thesis topic such as agriculture seems to be, on the face of it, common-fare. But, if one looks at it closely, one will find that there are many aspects (good sample thesis topics) to this man-made phenomenon that could be changed, improved or simply, done away with – to help this world fight the food crisis that is going show itself up, sooner than later. Some have already come up with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) which have are believed to have in-grown insecticides to kill the insects and the like, thereby increasing crop yields by leaps and bonds. However, there is strong resistance to the mass adoption of GMOs, owing to the apparent lack of evidence on the side-effects of GMOs on people’s health, as also the fertility of the lands post-GMO seed cultivation. So, that leaves room for researchers to look for other alternatives – areas, mechanisms or processes.

Let us briefly look at aspects that a good sample thesis topic must have.

Obviously, from the statement above, it is imperative that the topic is unprecedented or at least the treatment is unique. But it does not suffice to just have a unique concept for it to be considered as a good sample thesis topic. One must have all the necessary supporting information vis-à-vis documentary evidence and appropriate references.

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Let us briefly look at aspects that a good sample thesis topic must have.

A sample thesis topic must be used only for reference purposes and that too, after due consideration of its suitability. Knowing how to use samples is necessary while handling academic assignments. Samples can do as much harm as good, if used inappropriately.