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The guidelines listed here are only a summary. A more detailed text is Tips and Tricks for Preparing a Scientific Thesis by Dabbert (2008), which is produced by the Department of Farm Management, University of Hohenheim, and can be found here

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In the course of writing a research paper, one should be able to follow the correct steps in writing a thesis. This set of steps corresponds to what we call a scientific thesis. Just like when you are trying to solve a science problem, you need to conduct the appropriate scientific steps of action. So let us take a look at the procedures involved in writing a thesis in a scientific way.

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scientific thesis

Totalitarian movements always accentuate the scientific aspects of whatever they are asserting. As Arendt writes, "the obsession of totalitarian movements with 'scientific' proofs" is a distinguishing characteristic of their ideology. Scientology has exhibited this trait from the very moment Hubbard conceived of Dianetics as "The New Science of the Mind." Hubbard's initial approach in writing about Dianetics was that of an engineer seeking practical, scientific solutions to the mysteries of the human mind. Gone was Hubbard's previously racy science fiction prose; it was replaced by a sober and logical textbook style. The new scientific thesis rested upon a system of axioms and mechanisms, giving Hubbard the appearance of a respectable scientist laboring away for years to uncover the hidden truth within nature. In reality, Hubbard never held a degree in neither science nor engineering. However, this did little to discourage him from writing in the scientific language he favored, as it served to make Dianetics seem more credible and thus more persuasive.