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When one talks about their senior year in high school, they mention how fun and laid back it was. They talk about how they basically did nothing in their 3rd and 4thquarter after they finished their senior thesis paper. Senior ...

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This capstone course allows students to engage in critical evaluation of a specific issue in social work. Students identify a research problem and execute a study using the scientific method process of the social sciences. The process promotes the engagement of research informed practice and practice informed research. A research project must be completed that provides the final preparation for a senior thesis paper or project. Prerequisite: SOS 335, Senior status and approval of instructor.

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Academic course-work is balanced by studio courses during these two years. All majors are required to pursue studio coursework in drawing, photography, painting, sculptural studies, and electronic arts, and a generous number of studio electives allows art history majors to pursue a studio concentration - animation, book arts, environmental design, fashion, graphic design, interactive media, photography, printmaking - or undertake intensive studio work in an area of special interest.
In the senior year, majors complete their studies and take the Art History Senior Thesis course for which they research and write a senior thesis paper, which is presented at a public symposium. Students are guided in conducting original archival research, developing an original thesis, as well as public speaking and delivering a professional conference talk.